Open Space Theatre Company presents Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

On a steamy night in Mississippi, a family gathers to celebrate the birthday of cotton plantation owner “Big Daddy” Pollitt. But the scorching heat is almost as oppressive as the lies that are told. His son, Brick, and daughter-in-law, Maggie, dance around the secrets and sexual tensions that threaten to destroy their marriage. With the future of the family at stake, which version of the truth is real – and which will win out?

Tennessee Williams’ great play was made into a memorable film in 1958, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.

Saturday 20 Apr 201919:30 Book Now (Sold Out)

Fisher Folk & Acoustic

Fisher Folk & Acoustic, held in the heart of the historic Fisher Theatre in the atmospheric cellar, offers a prime opportunity for local talent of all kinds to perform in a friendly and appreciative environment.

Many performers make return bookings and a good night is always guaranteed. Slots offered are 20mins long and the vibe is relaxed and informal.

Great place for music-lovers to meet, mingle and share. Very popular event for performers and audience so booking in advance recommended.

Contact us to book a performance slot.

Facebook: Fisher Folk & Acoustic

Audience tickets can be pre-booked, limited to 50 in cellar including performers.

Wednesday 24 Apr 201919:30 Book Now
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Wednesday 28 Aug 201919:30 Book Now

INK on Tour with New Short Plays

Back by popular demand INK on Tour returns to The Fisher Theatre with a selection of the best new short plays directly from The INK Festival. INK on Tour offers a rare evening of contrasting and exciting works from the very best writers from East Anglia.

Friday 26 Apr 201919:30 Book Now

Songbird brings you a night of classic Fleetwood Mac

Spend a Saturday night paying homage to the much loved and remembered band, including tracks from all Fleetwood Mac’s greatest albums, from ‘Rumours’ and ‘Mirage’ to ‘Tusk’ and ‘Tango in the Night’.

Fleetwood Mac’s formula can be summed up as soft rock with an edge, the slight spaciness to their musical texture and the never replicated song-writing source that comes from having had three talented singer-songwriters in the same band, and you’ve got the recipe for multi-platinum success and some of pops most enduring classics. Accompanied by video projections and lighting, Songbird plays tribute to one of music’s all-time greats. Sing and dance along to tracks such as ‘The Chain’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Go your own Way’ with this charismatic and musical band.

Saturday 27 Apr 201919:30 Book Now

Bungay Film Club presents BlacKkKlansman (15)

BlacKkKlansman is based on the extraordinary but true story of Ron Stallworth, the first African-American to serve as a detective in the Colorado Police Department.  In the early 70s, Stallworth undertook an implausible mission: to infiltrate and expose the Klu Klux Klan.  BlacKkKlansman blends comic irony and brutal fact, but still works very effectively as a crime drama.  It’s funny, fast-paced and never loses its dramatic tension.

Visit for trailers and further information about forthcoming films.

Monday 29 Apr 201919:45 Book Now

Upshoot presents - The Real Inspector Hound

A double-bill comprising a cocktail of the best of British Comedy sketches and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard for a night at the theatre that will make you chuckle, guffaw, and belly laugh uncontrollably. Hound is Stoppard’s comment on theatre critics and boy does he have it in for them.

Thursday 2 May 201919:30 Book Now
Friday 3 May 201919:30 Book Now
Saturday 4 May 201919:30 Book Now

ROH Presents - Faust

There are many versions of the story of Faust, who trades his soul with the Devil for youth and power, but Gounod’s opera remains one of the most constantly enthralling. Michael Fabiano stars as Faust, with Diana Damrau as his beloved Marguerite and Erwin Schrott as the diabolical Méphistophélès. Virtuoso leading roles, a large chorus, sensational sets, ballet and an ecstatic finale make this the epitome of theatrical spectacle – the lavish scale of French grand opera is wonderfully in evidence in this production by David McVicar, set in 1870s Paris. Above all, the music includes several of popular opera’s most recognizable numbers, performed by a cast of great international singers and the Royal Opera Chorus.

Sunday 5 May 201914:00 Book Now

Fisher Theatre Cinema - The Favourite (PG)

It’s the early 18th Century, England is at war with the French. A frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah Churchill governs the country, while tending to Anne’s ill health and mercurial temper. New servant, Abigail Masham, steps into the breach as the Queen’s companion while Sarah is consumed by the politics of war. Her burgeoning friendship with the Queen gives Abigail a chance to regain her social status. Starring: Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz. Director: Yorgos Lanthimos. Runtime: 119mins. 2018

Monday 6 May 201919:45 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - My Fair Lady (PG)

In this beloved musical, pompous phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) takes it upon himself to transform a Cockney working-class girl into someone who can pass for a cultured member of high society. His subject is the lovely Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), who agrees to speech lessons to improve her job prospects. Higgins and Eliza clash, then form an unlikely bond that is threatened by an aristocratic suitor (Jeremy Brett). Won 8 Academy Awards. Director: George Cukor, Writer: A J Lerner. Runtime:170 mins.1964.

Tuesday 7 May 201913:00 Book Now

James Mayhew - Story Telling Picture Shows

"A Midsummer Nights Dream" - an immersive live art performance. Come and experience this family-friendly introduction to Shakespeare's beloved plays with best-selling children's author and illustrator James Mayhew, as he dramatically interprets the music of Mendelssohn, Prokofiev and others, with his paintbrush - all projected onto the cinema screen.

Friday 10 May 201919:30 Book Now

Elvis & Cash The Show That Never Was

Andy Ottley is one of the most sort after Elvis tribute artists, with the voice, moves and the Elvis humour he is a real hit with audiences. Having recently rubbed shoulders with Jax&co, an accomplished five-piece Johnny Cash tribute band, they hit on the story of the near collaboration between Elvis and Johnny Cash. Brother and sister Jax and Harper are rising fast on the entertainment circuit and this collaboration between Andy Ottley and Jax&co delivers classics from two great legends, as they walk the line together in ‘The Show That Never Was’

Saturday 11 May 201919:30 Book Now

NT Live Presents - All My Sons

Broadcast live from The Old Vic in London, Academy Award-winner Sally Field (Steel Magnolias, Brothers & Sisters) and Bill Pullman (The Sinner, Independence Day) star in Arthur Miller’s blistering drama All My Sons.

America, 1947. Despite hard choices and even harder knocks, Joe and Kate Keller are a success story. They have built a home, raised two sons and established a thriving business.

But nothing lasts forever and their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their eldest boy to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long buried truths are forced to the surface and the price of their American dream is laid bare.

Jeremy Herrin (NT Live: This House, People, Places & Things) directs a cast including Jenna Coleman (Victoria), and Colin Morgan (Merlin).

All My Sons is an Old Vic co-production with Headlong

Tuesday 14 May 201919:00 Book Now

FYTG Presents - Cobweb of Fairytales

When Fiona is captured by a hungry spider, there is only one thing that will keep her alive... Her love of stories! Strange Fascination working with FYTG Nestlings (aged 4-9yrs) present a feast of storytelling, puppetry and physical theatre.

Wednesday 15 May 201919:00 Book Now
Thursday 16 May 201919:00 Book Now

Super Swing Band

Let the popular Super Swing Big Band transport you back in time with the fabulous music of the 30s 40s and 50s. An evening of sublime nostalgia guaranteed with timeless hits from Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald to name but a few.

Friday 17 May 201919:30 Book Now

Amazing Mysteries

Following the success of A Night of Mystery and A Cavalcade of Wonders, this magic trilogy completes with the critically acclaimed ‘Amazing Mysteries’, the latest offering from illusionist Chris North. Witness some of the inexplicable curiosities that astounded Victorian audiences as Chris takes a light-hearted journey through the unusual and bizarre phenomena that helped define an era. As a unique feature of the show Chris is joined by, ‘The Victorian Enchantress’, a skilled sorceress, whose sophisticated magic and illusion captivates all.

Saturday 18 May 201919:30 Book Now

ROH Presents - Triple Bill

Within the Golden Hour, New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Flight Pattern.

Three ballets, one world premiere, showcasing the contemporary face of The Royal Ballet, from the Royal Opera House.

The contemporary face of The Royal Ballet is shown in works from three of today’s leading choreographers.

Christopher Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour is based around seven couples separating and intermingling, to music by Vivaldi and Bosso and lit with rich colours suggested by sunset.

Crystal Pite’s Flight Pattern, revived for the first time, uses a large dance ensemble and Górecki’s familiar music from his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs for a poignant and passionate reflection on migration.

Inbetween them, a new work by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, created for The Royal Ballet has its premiere to bring the contemporary truly up-to-date.

Sunday 19 May 201914:00 Book Now

Bungay Film Club Presents - Shoplifters (15)

Japan 2018.  121 minutes.  In Japanese with English subtitles.

Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda.  Starring: Lily Franky and Mayu Matsuoka.

A warm and understated Japanese drama about a family who take in a small child they find left outside in the freezing cold.  Although the family is poor, barely making enough money to survive through petty crime, they seem to live happily together until an unforeseen incident reveals hidden secrets and tests the bonds that unite them.  In the hands of a different director, a plot like this could be the basis of a thriller, but the story feels more like that of a contemporary Dickens.  

Monday 20 May 201919:45 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - To Catch a Thief (PG)

A jewel thief is at large on the Riviera, and all evidence points to retired cat burglar Cary Grant. Escaping the law, Grant heads to the Cote D'Azur where he is greeted with hostility by his old partners in crime. One such person is heavily bejewelled Jessie Royce Landis, who is as brash and outspoken as her daughter Grace Kelly is quiet and demure. But "still waters run deep”, and soon Kelly is amorously pursuing the far-from-resistant Grant. Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Runtime: 106 mins. 1955

Tuesday 21 May 201913:00 Book Now

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

This thrilling, audacious and witty production is perhaps still best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble, which shattered convention, turned tradition upside down and took the dance world by storm. Filmed live at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, this ‘spellbinding’ (★★★★★ Independent) re-imagining of the classic New Adventures production stars Will Bozier as The Swan/The Stranger, Liam Mower as The Prince and Nicole Kabera as The Queen.

Tuesday 21 May 201919:00 Book Now

Strange Fascination Presents - The Red Room

Agent Cooper has been called to the Fisher Theatre in Bungay to look into a strange and mysterious murder. A local girl called Abigail Taylor has been found dead. The locals of the town and the regulars of the theatre are all suspects. You are invited to join Agent Cooper as he encounters the weirdness and horror in the best traditions of Lynch.

Be prepared to be baffled, amused, terrified and intrigued. Can you solve the murder of Abigail Taylor? Who is the Witch in the Wall? Who is the Dancing Man? Will you solve the crime or end up another victim of the Black Lodge?

Thursday 23 May 201919:30 Book Now

Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company presents - An Honest Gentleman

A musical play about East Anglia’s very own Dick Turpin

Little is known of Thomas Easter except that he was born in Aylsham in Norfolk in 1715 and was hung at Tyburn 24 years later. However, his life was packed with adventure and intrigue. From North Norfolk to Putney Heath Easter plied his trade as a Gentleman of the Road, ‘raising contributions upon the public’ and, from the little that is known, he was a dashing and charming rogue. ’I rob the rich to give to the poor’. Ultimately betrayed by an accomplice and comrade, he danced the hangman’s jig.

Stuff of Dreams will take you on a rollicking Georgian adventure as we delve into the life and times of the Highwaymen of the 18th Century.  There will be wine, women and song and where facts are scarce there will be glorious embellishment.

Friday 24 May 201919:30 Book Now

The NewGrass Cutters

Featuring the same superb musicians who tour with Joe Brown at his shows:  

Producer Pete Brown (Joes son) lead vocals, guitar, lap steel and mandolin; the legendary Phil Capaldi lead vocals, drums and percussion; Richard Collins Nashville recording artist and Banjo/Mandolin virtuoso; Andy Crowdy highly rated bass player on the UK Jazz scene play stunning new arrangements of rock and pop classics, brilliant interpretations, and acclaimed vocal and instrumental performances of their own style of music they call ‘NewGrass’.

All share a love of music and big fans already include guitar legend Albert Lee, Amen Corner's Andy Fairweather-Low, plus Fairport Convention's Dave Peg who invited the NewGrass Cutters to play at the internationally renowned Cropredy Festival. The NewGrass Cutters' performance there was a sensation with 20,000 folk fans grinning and cheering as they danced to the band's unique banjo, lap steel, mandolin, bass and percussion version of classics like 'Too Much Too Young', 'Good Vibrations', 'Born to be Wild', 'Voodoo Child' and 'Listen to the Music'.

Andy Fairweather Low – “New…you bet! New life into great songs, with great playing and singing.  Fabulous choice of songs, its music doing only what music can…. what a great idea…what a great band.”

Albert Lee – “I have to say I am very impressed. I love this music. Great playing and interesting song choices.”

Dave Pegg – “Triffic playing and tasty arrangements with vocals and energy to match.

Saturday 25 May 201919:30 Book Now

Tori Freestone

Showcasing her unique writing style which takes inspiration from the chordless trios of the moment infused with sounds from her roots in folk the new release also has Latin and Brazilian elements.

Tori plays these compositions with the melodic yet robust approach that she has become so well known for and the trio, with her much in demand long time colleagues Tim Giles (drums) and Dave Manington (bass), has an incredible rapport and interaction that gives audiences a buzz and sense of excitement in a live setting.   Receiving rave reviews for 2014's 'In the Chophouse' resulting in a commission for the London Jazz Festival that year, the follow up 2016 release 'El Barranco' saw the trio touring Europe extensively playing Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria including some of the most prestigious European festivals.The new album has everything for the listener from hard driving and free jazz to Brazilian to folk to Cuban inspired music and brings the level of interaction from the 3 musicians to new heights.

“Freestone has caused a stir far beyond the UK... an impressive original and formidable trio'' Leibnitz Jazz Festival, Austria review

Friday 31 May 201919:30 Book Now

The Fisher Youth Group Presents Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (U)

The Fisher Youth Theatre Group presents their unique and exciting version of Roald Dahl’s classic story. This comedic and fantastical story follows young Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Joe as they join a small group of contest winners who get to tour the magical and mysterious factory of eccentric candy maker Willy Wonka.

Wednesday 5 Jun 201919:30 Book Now
Thursday 6 Jun 201919:30 Book Now
Friday 7 Jun 201919:30 Book Now
Saturday 8 Jun 201914:00 Book Now
Saturday 8 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

Fisher Theatre Cinema - Bohemian Rhapsody (12A)

Monday 10 Jun 201919:45 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - Some Like it Hot (PG)

This hysterical comedy finds Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon masquerading as women in order to elude irate Chicago mobsters while befriending a beautiful singer (Marilyn Monroe). Expect wisecracking banter, breakneck pace, vulgarity, wit and sensational performances - hysterically funny no matter how many times you see it. Mixing roaring 20s crime picture elements of bootleggers, Tommy guns and chorus girls doing the Charleston, with the screwball staples of false identities, naughty repartee and madcap pursuits. Starring: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe. Director: Billy Wilder. Runtime: 117 mins. 1959

Tuesday 11 Jun 201913:00 Book Now

The Royal Ballet Encore presents Romeo and Juliet (U)

Since its 1965 premiere with The Royal Ballet, Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet has become a modern ballet classic. The choreography captures the emotions of the young couple as they fall in love, despite the barriers that finally bring about the story’s tragic end. The whole Company brings the colour and action of Renaissance Verona, where a busy market all too quickly bursts into sword fighting, and a family feud leads to tragedy for both the Montagues and Capulets. Approx Runtime: 3 hours 15 mins including 2 intervals

Thursday 13 Jun 201918:15 Book Now

The Searchers & Hollies Experience 2019

The Searchers and Hollies Experience........The best of both worlds……… features an incredible back catalogue of over 30 hit songs in this amazing tribute show.   It is a show guaranteed to have you in `Needles and Pins` with nostalgia as soon as you `Walk in the room`. It is definitely worth `Just one look` and you will say `Here I go Again` I feel that `I`m Alive` when you hear these melodic hits. So if you are thinking about booking tickets just say `Yes I will` and enjoy a fantastic  `Saturday night out`. After all you do not want to be saying `I`m sorry Suzanne` I missed it!  Let the haunting melodies transport you to that exciting era when millions of records were sold in the most influential, high energy decade in pop music history.  

What others say:- “Well done on Saturday night, what a great time everyone had. You guys deserved the standing ovation at the end. See you next year!” – Karen Read, Manager, The Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft (Searchers & Hollies Experience show, 2018)

`What a great show. Our Audience loved it.` Phil Pattie – Manager Braintree Arts Theatre

` What a great night.......Sold Out` - The Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston

`That was a really entertaining show from beginning to end, great stuff.`  Jai Sepple – Brookside Theatre, Romford  

Saturday 15 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

Status of the Eel in the River Waveney

A fundraising event for the River Waveney Trust. Have you ever wondered how eels live in the River Waveney catchment? Not seen one? Well, come to our talk on these elusive creatures to hear about their life cycle from an expert, see some remarkable photos and learn how the Trust can help them.

Thursday 20 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

Svetla’s Musical Cabaret

Join Svetla playing the accordion and singing with Helen on violin, for a musical cabaret to celebrate the solstice. Travel the continents along a melodic gypsy trail while you enjoy 3 delicious sharing courses. Featuring Greek spinach and Feta filos, French Brie and caramelised onion tartelettes and Bulgarian honey baked apples. This musical-foodfusion is sure to ignite that summer spirit!

Friday 21 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

Bungay Film Club - Faces, Places (12A)

A beguiling French documentary created by veteran New Wave director Agnes Varda in collaboration with JR, a young photographer.  The two set off on a road trip across rural France, exploring villages and small towns and creating portraits of the people they meet.  ‘Faces, Places’ is a charming and life-affirming exploration of both the power of community and the inspiration that comes from the most cross-generational of friendships. Director: Agnes Varda and JR. Runtime: 89 mins. In French with English subtitles 2017

Monday 24 Jun 201919:45 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - Passport to Pimlico (U)

A charmingly whimsical Ealing Studios comedy. When an unexploded WWII bomb is accidentally detonated in Pimlico, London, it reveals a treasure trove and documents proving that the region is, in fact part of Burgundy, France and thus foreign territory. The British Government attempts to regain control by setting up border controls and cutting off services to the area. The film was nominated for both an Oscar and a BAFTA. Starring: Hermione Baddeley and Basil Radford. Director: Henry Cornelius. Runtime: 87 mins. 1949

Tuesday 25 Jun 201913:00 Book Now

National Theatre Live Presents Small Island

Adapted by Helen Edmundson, Andrea Levy’s Orange Prizewinning novel Small Island comes to life in an epic new theatre adaptation. Small Island embarks on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury. The play follows three intricately connected stories. Hortense yearns for a new life away from rural Jamaica, Gilbert dreams of becoming a lawyer, and Queenie longs to escape her Lincolnshire roots.

Thursday 27 Jun 201919:00 Book Now

Radiant Vermin by Philip Ridley

What would you do for your dream home? Ollie and Jill want to tell you about their dream home. Some of the things they did to get it, you might find shocking. But they want you to know they did it all for their baby... Playful, provocative and viciously sharp, Radiant Vermin is a wickedly comic satire from internationally acclaimed Philip Ridley. Starring: Emma Martin (The Browning Version) and Jake Kubala (Woman in Mind). Directed by Peter Sowerbutts.

Friday 28 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

Exploring Pen and Ink - Children’s Book illustration Workshop (14+)

Join bestselling illustrator James Mayhew for this indepth introduction to using traditional pen and ink techniques. Using a folk tale as inspiration, you’ll try different kinds of ink, nibs and other drawing tools on a variety of papers, explore the drafting process to create a final illustration. Materials will be provided. Maximum 15 places.

Saturday 29 Jun 201911:00 Book Now

Three Band Mix, Shedlode, The Blue Plates & Laurence Kingston

This exciting trio of local bands bring their unique style and energy to an evening set for dancing. A mixture of Americana, Anglo-Americana and indie, hip hop, RnB and pop. Line ups include a three-piece, six-piece & eight piece. Bringing you a mixture of original material and classic covers, and a new exciting young singer songwriter. This is a non-seated event with just 200 tickets available.

Saturday 29 Jun 201919:30 Book Now

The Importance of Being Earnest by Stuff of Dreams

Performed in Bungay Castle Grounds.  Following on from last summer’s highly successful production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, local favourites Stuff of Dreams, return with Oscar Wilde’s beloved comedy ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. Come along to the castle and enjoy an evening of mistaken identity, mishaps and muffins. Bring your picnic, relax and be highly entertained.Travelling the region since 2010, Stuff of Dreams is known for its original plays focused on East Anglian history. Previous work includes ‘Anglian Mist’ and ‘The Poisoners Pact’.

Sunday 30 Jun 201918:00 Book Now

National Theatre Live presents All About Eve

Adapted and directed for the stage by Ivo van Hove, All About Eve tells the story of Margo Channing. Legend. True star of the theatre. The spotlight is hers, always has been. But now there’s Eve. Her biggest fan. Young, beautiful Eve. The golden girl, the girl next door. Lifting the curtain on a world of jealousy and ambition, this new production, from one of the world's most innovative theatre directors, asks why our fascination with celebrity, youth and identity never gets old.

Thursday 4 Jul 201919:00 Book Now

Greek Night

A decadent Greek mezze to raise funds for the Bungay Christmas Lights. Featuring a vast array of traditional Greek recipes from an 8-course menu and, for dessert, livingGoddess-statues invite you to pluck chocolate grapes from the vine as they pose for your amusement. Discounted wine will also be available at £10 a bottle. A wonderfully relaxed social dining event.

Friday 5 Jul 201919:00 Book Now

Fisher Theatre Cinema, At Eternity’s Gate (12A)

Willem Defoe shines in this biopic, which focuses on the last years of Van Gogh’s troubled life, highlighting his friendship with Gauguin. It succeeds in capturing the essence of ‘now’, immersing the viewer in the physicality of Van Gogh’s painting. It does justice to the fiercely painful love between Gauguin and Van Gogh, but some of the best scenes are of Van Gogh confronting other human beings. His passion and frenzied inspiration overwhelm and astonish people, resulting in derision, suspicion and fear. Starring: Willem Defoe. Director: Julian Schnabel. Runtime: 111mins. 201

Monday 8 Jul 201919:45 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - Breakfast at Tiffany’s (PG)

A young New York writer sponsored by a wealthy woman falls in love with the charming, impulsive and eccentric call girl that lives next door. Based on a story by Truman Capote. The winner of 2 Academy Awards including Best Song. Starring: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Mickey Rooney. Director: Blake Edwards. Runtime: 110 mins. 1961

Tuesday 9 Jul 201913:00 Book Now

All Hail Macbeth - Packing Shed Theatre

‘Hell hath no fury like three women scorned’ - the three witches try to make sense of their lives in the 21st century. A hundred years after ‘some’ women first got the vote in this country, and during the ‘Times Up Now’ movement, for three women living and working in the city, it still feels like the 1950s. But that’s about to change when Cate walks into their lives. Mixing comedy, high drama, magic and live music, courtesy of an all-female close harmony singing trio.

Thursday 11 Jul 201919:30 Book Now

Ellie Foulger’s Night at the Musicals

A night filled with musical classics and more, celebrating the end of an important chapter, as  Ellie leaves for drama school in Brighton. Ellie has performed at the Fisher Theatre since she was 8, playing roles including Molly in Annie, Jan in Grease, Eponine in Les Mis and most recently Fairy Bowbells in Dick Whittington. This is Ellie’s tribute to 11 years here. With special guests and close friends that have been part of her journey, this will be a night filled with warmth, emotion and extraordinary talent.

Friday 12 Jul 201919:30 Book Now

RoughCast Theatre Company - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Following the success of recent summer tours of "As You Like It" and "Twelfth Night", RoughCast brings you Shakespeare's most popular comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream. Set in an enchanted forest with warring fairies, sparring lovers and a group of enthusiastic amateur actors who are putting on a play, this most magical and hilarious play is the perfect entertainment for a July evening.

Saturday 13 Jul 201919:30 Book Now

Open Space Theatre Company - Two by Jim Cartwright

A landlady and landlord greet customers frequenting their pub, that microcosm of human life.  Jim Cartwright’s dark, heartrending comedy depicts the rich tapestry of human experience through intimate insights into the lives of those on both sides of the bar. Open Space presents a highly engaging and poignant drama, bringing tears of both laughter and sadness.

Saturday 20 Jul 201919:30 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - The 39 Steps (PG)

This version of the story is not just a remake of the previous two films and, in being faithful to the book,  it makes for a great movie. Robert Powell as Hannay is full of charisma and the action scenes have a touch of James Bond. The stalwart British cast give sterling support, the pace is deliciously fast and relentless, and both the mood and tone are exactly right. Starring: Robert Powell, David Warner, Eric Porter. Director: Don Sharp. Runtime: 1h 42 mins.1978

Tuesday 23 Jul 201913:00 Book Now

Strange Fascination Theatre - Jungle Book

Strange Fascination Theatre celebrates its fifth year and returns to Bungay Castle with a brand-new adaption of the Kipling classic. Full of puppets, colourful characters, audience interaction and all the comedy and excitement you have come to expect from an SF show! Join Mowgli, Baloo, the fearsome Shere Kahn and all your favourites. Fun for all the family! Bring a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of jungle adventure like no other!

Saturday 27 Jul 201914:30 Book Now
Saturday 27 Jul 201917:00 Book Now
Sunday 28 Jul 201914:30 Book Now
Sunday 28 Jul 201917:00 Book Now

Spikedrivers - Bluesroots at its best

Their music has been described as 'haunting', 'gutsy', 'tribal' and even psychedelic. Blues in Britain says, “From the first note, Spikedrivers demand to be listened to. Ben Tyzack, Constance Redgrave and Maurice McElroy are three very talented musicians willing to experiment and evoke unusual contemporary sounds while they continue to keep diggin’ the blues by the roots.”

Saturday 27 Jul 201919:30 Book Now

Bungay Film Club - The Go-Between

A classic British drama by Harold Pinter, based on the LP Hartley novel of the same name.  Norfolk 1900.  Leo is spending the summer at his friend Marcus’ wealthy family estate. He develops a crush on Marcus’ sister Marian, a beauty soon to be engaged to Hugh, a viscount and jolly good sort. Marian makes a favourite of Leo, asking him to carry messages for her.  Starring: Julie Christie, Alan Bates and Michael Redgrave. Director: Joseph Losey. Runtime: 111 minutes. In English with hard of hearing subtitles. UK. 1971

Monday 29 Jul 201919:45 Book Now

Fisher Theatre Cinema, Green Book (12A)

Set in America in 1962. Green Book tells the heartwarming true story of Tony Lip, a working-class ItalianAmerican bouncer who takes on a job as a chauffeur for Dr. Don Shirley, a highly-educated African-American classical pianist. Starring: Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini and Viggo Mortensen. Director: Peter Farrelly. Runtime: 130mins. 2019

Monday 5 Aug 201919:45 Book Now

Medieval Mischief and Munch

Be ye a peasant, lady or lord, all are invited to partake in an evening of medieval mischief! The town’s Jester “Long-John Bottoms”, places the audience at the centre of immersive medieval shenanigans, from traditional dancing to hilarious themed games and singalongs! Followed by a hearty banquet even King Henry 1st would die for! (Please pre order costume upon booking)

Saturday 10 Aug 201919:00 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - David Copperfield (U)

A terrific telling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale featuring an allstar cast! The film follows the trials and tribulations of the title character beginning as a boy (Freddie Bartholomew) whose father dies and mother (Elizabeth Allan) remarries the strict Mr. Murdstone (Basil Rathbone). Starring: Freddie Bartholomew, Frank Lawton and Edna May Oliver. Director: George Cukor. Adaptation: Hugh Walpole. Runtime: 130 mins.1935

Tuesday 13 Aug 201913:00 Book Now

Fisher Theatre Film Sing-along Sound of Music (U)

Winner of five Academy Awards®, including Best Picture. In 1930's Austria, a young woman named Maria is failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. When the Navy captain Georg Von Trapp writes to the convent asking for a governess that can handle his seven mischievous children, Maria is given the job. An all-time favourite for you to sing-along to, dress-up for and relive. Starring: Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  Director: Robert Wise. Runtime: 174 mins.1965

Monday 19 Aug 201919:45 Book Now

Falcon Meadow Trust Fundraiser Enigmatic Eels

Discover the bizarre and complex habits of our native eel. Jez Wood of the Environment Agency will introduce the vital schemes both here and abroad to protect this once numerous, and now critically endangered species.

Wednesday 21 Aug 201919:30 Book Now

Matinée Cinema - Akenfield (PG)

As the young man, Tom, prepares to leave the Suffolk village of his birth, voices and experiences from his family's past crowd in on his mind, weaving a poetic tapestry of the love of home and the longing to get away from it. Director: Peter Hall. Writer: Ronald Blythe. Runtime: 1h 38 mins.1974

Tuesday 27 Aug 201913:00 Book Now

The Affair

A hilarious and thoroughly uplifting new play about relationships, which has all the ingredients of a great comedy… clown, bouffon, vaudeville and slapstick! With a sprinkle of drama and a splash of tragedy, this cake… I mean pizza, is ready to eat.  The Affair is a wonderfully funny play… a laugh a minute, simply, unmissable!

"The Affair is a deftly written play... with a depth that will leave you wanting more... Gibbons & Gaulier are simply unique!”

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The British Invasion Show - When Britannia ruled the airwaves

Ready to be swept away by some of the greatest music ever made? Get back to the sixties when British group captured American charts and minds in the ‘Britain Invasion’.

You’re in for a night of classic tracks by all-conquering heroes of the US, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cream, The Small Faces, The Kinks and many more. You’ll experience music that changed a generation – and the world. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone.

Buckle in for the musical ride of a lifetime. And all performed by top musicians who have worked with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters and The Small Faces.

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Hendrix, Clapton & Cream performed by Voodoo Room

Celebrating the incredible music of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton & Cream -

Voodoo Room are a stunning high energy ‘Power Trio’ featuring some of the U.K.’s finest musicians whose credits include:
Steve Winwood, Massive Attack, Arthur Brown, Fish, Thunder, Lulu etc.



“SUPERB” - Time Out.

"OUTSTANDING” - Blues In The South Magazine.

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Parallel Times Blondie Tribute

Top Blondie Tribute Act Parallel Times bring their show to the Fisher Theatre on 9th November 2019.

Featuring the very talented Julie Bunn as Debbie Harry, you will be taken on a musical journey from the very early days, through to all the big hits such as Hanging on the Telephone, Heart of Glass, The Tide is High, Atomic and the list goes on bringing you right up to date with songs from the latest album Pollinator.

This is a standing gig, so bring your dancing shoes, and join us for the Ultimate Blondie Experience.

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Derek Acorah - The Eternal Life Tour (14+)

2019 sees Britain’s best loved and most entertaining medium take to the stage across the UK and Europe with his all new ‘The Eternal Life’ Tour.

Derek is something of a phenomenon. A truly modern medium whose appeal crosses the generations to young and old alike, he remains the forerunner in the field of paranormal and spiritual matters. An unusually engaging and entertaining character for his genre, he is regularly recruited to appear in many an entertainment show. TV programmes such as Through The Keyhole, Britain’s Got Talent, Celebrity Juice and Big Brother. Online concepts and commercials for TalkTalk amongst others, a guest appearance in a promotional video with world renowned Rapper Redzz, plus regular and hilarious send ups of himself with ‘Dead Certs’ for Paddy Power, just continue to add to his legion of fans.

Wherever Derek goes, others have always followed (or tried).

Now comes your chance to experience just what makes Derek one of the foremost names in the world of Psychic phenomena, as well as a celebrity, author and accomplished live performer like no other.

* Evenings of mediumship are not scientifically proven and are presented for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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