Cinema + Create The Highway Rat (PG)

Unallocated, Sunday 17 Mar 2019, 10:30  - ends at 10:55

Life is not safe for the other animals, as the villainous Highway Rat gallops along the highway, stealing their food. Clover from a rabbit; nuts from a squirrel - he even steals his own horse's hay. Then he finally meets his comeuppance, in the form of a crafty duck... A fabulous, rollicking rhyme inspired by the famous Alfred Noyes poem, 'The Highwayman'. Anglian Co-Op has generously sponsored this session. Cinema in the auditorium (film lengths vary) followed by an hour of prepared parent/carer and child craft time. This is a session for around 3 to 9-year-olds, an opportunity for young audiences to get used to being at the cinema. Each craft session is sponsored by a local business. Runtime 25mins

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