Bungay Film Club - The Hedgehog (12A)

Auditorium 115 Plan, Monday 25 Nov 2019, 19:45  - ends at 21:25

This French coming-of-age drama revolves around the lives of two residents of a Paris apartment block: precocious Paloma, an 11year old bent on finding a way out of her cold bourgeois life, and unsociable concierge Renée.  Freely adapted from the international best-seller The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and starring Josiane Balasco, one of the most accomplished screen comediennes in France, The  Hedgehog is a sophisticated and touching comedy. Starring: Josiane Balasko and Garance Le Guillermic.  Director: Mona Achache. Runtime: 1 hour 40 mins.   2009 France/Italy. French with English subtitles.

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