The Borrowers by Mary Norton adapted by FYTG

Auditorium 115 Plan, Friday 15 May 2020, 19:00  - ends at 21:00

This tells the story of a family of tiny people who live beneath the floors of a deteriorating English country home. Pod and Homily Clock care for themselves and their adventurous daughter, Arrietty, by borrowing what they need and a little more, from the human “beans” who live up above.

In writing we noticed how Arrietty resembles the young Anne Frank, keeping a diary of her restricted life under the floorboards, and dearly wishing to escape into a more expansive and exciting world, though full of dangers of a less deliberately malicious kind than Anne faced, in the shape of animals, insects, lack of shelter and food and inclement weather. The Clock family become refugees, facing great danger to find a safe place to live.

FYTG have created and adapted the story into a script from the novel, suitable for our young Nestling performers. Their second solo show as a new group.

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